Bird Services

Birds should visit us at least once a year for their annual checkup. These visits help us to ensure your winged friend is staying healthy and not at risk of developing any health issues. It’s important to bring your bird in with their cage, so we can access their environment. It can give great insight into their feeding routine and droppings. 

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What should I expect during an annual exam for my pet bird?

Depending on your pet’s overall health, we may need to see them more regularly than once a year, especially if they have underlying health issues. To book their yearly exam, please contact us at 604-464-6666. You can expect us to discuss and assess:  

  • Diet and feeding schedule 
  • Species care needs
  • Physical exam, including their overall appearance
  • Nail trimming 
  • Wing clipping 
  • Weight 
  • Diagnostic tests like bloodwork or fecal analysis

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