Behavioural Counselling for Pets

It can be difficult dealing with your pet’s problematic behaviour. Sometimes your pet acting out of character is their way of communicating something is wrong. Other times, it could be triggered by an environmental change. Our veterinary team will work to establish the root cause of your pet’s behavioural issues and develop a plan to support you.

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How will behavioural counselling help my pet?

Depending on the behavioural issues your pet is having, they could be connected to an underlying health issue or seem to unexpectedly show up. Behavioural counselling helps us assess if there is a root cause of your pet’s behaviour, which allows us to treat the problem and not just the issue. You’ll be able to share any concerns you have about your pet’s behavioural issues, which we’ll use to co-create a behavioural modification plan. The goal of the plan is to find strategies that will support your pet’s individual needs, based on factors like their overall health. 

When does my pet need behavioural counselling?

If you find yourself dedicating more of your time to worrying about or dealing with your pet’s behaviour, behavioural counselling could be the next step. No pet is perfect and sometimes, they’ll do things we don’t like. However, behavioural issues are more serious than your pet having an unexpected accident on your carpet or scratching at your favourite furniture. Your pet could be excessively aggressive towards you or other animals through biting, scratching or growling. They could also be excessively urinating throughout your home. 

What’s the cause of problematic behaviour?

There are a range of causes for your pet’s behaviour. For example, health issues like arthritis or gum disease could cause your pet lots of pain, which triggers their aggressive behaviour. If your pet is anxious or has a hard time being left alone, they could pace, pant or hide more. A physical exam will help us determine if your pet’s behaviour is connected to a medical reason. If you have concerns about your pet’s behaviour and would like our insight, please contact us at 604-464-6666.

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