Bloodwork Services for Pets

If your pet has suddenly started showing signs of a health issue or you’re not quite sure why they haven’t been acting like themselves, bloodwork can be a helpful diagnostic tool. As part of your pet’s routine wellness exam, we also use bloodwork to assess their overall health and identify gaps we can fill. 

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How do you take a blood sample?

We’ll take your pet’s blood from one of their veins, using a needle. Typically we try to take blood from the vein in the leg but we also take it from their neck and hind leg. Our main priority is your pet’s comfort, which means using the most care when we take their blood. Our veterinary team is experts at collecting blood and they will aim to minimize any discomfort for your pet. Once the blood is collected, we’re able to do the bloodwork analysis at our state-of-the-art in-house laboratory. If you have questions about our bloodwork process, please contact us at 604-464-6666.

Will my pet need to prepare?

Depending on the type of bloodwork your pet is doing, we’ll provide specific instructions on how your furry friend should prepare. For example, if they are doing routine bloodwork as part of their routine wellness exam, they will need to closely follow some guidelines which ensure the results aren’t jeopardized. Some ways they can prepare include: 

  • Limit feeding your pet at least 6 hours before their bloodwork
  • Ensure your pet is well hydrated 
  • Avoid any physical activity 
  • Try to soothe and keep your pet calm before their appointment 

What does bloodwork test for in pets?

Routine bloodwork provides a general overview of your pet’s health, including how their immune system and organs are functioning. This helps pinpoint any abnormalities and decide if we need to do more diagnostic testing. Special tests are recommended when we need more information on a specific health issue or part of your furry friend’s body. For example, if your pet has started a new medication, we’ll request special testing to assess how their body is responding to it.

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