Dermatology Services for Pets

Since your pet’s skin is the most exposed part of their body, it’s likely they’ll develop skin issues at some point in their lifetime. Though it can be tempting to treat your pet’s skin issues on your own at home, our veterinary team has years of expertise in effective treatments. We want to ensure your pet’s skin issues are treated and cared for properly. 

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What are skin issues I should look out for?

Skin issues can be triggered by your pet’s environment, diet, parasites or underlying health conditions. The severity of your pet’s skin condition depends on the culprit and if it becomes infected. Some signs you can look for include: 

  • Red, dry skin 
  • Sores and bumps 
  • Hair loss 
  • Scratching or licking 
  • Chewing or biting at their skin 
  • Scooting

Can I use at-home remedies to treat it?

Though it might seem more convenient to use at-home remedies you’ve found online or purchased over-the-counter, sometimes these do more harm than good. These quick fixes are just that – they provide temporary relief but don’t treat the root cause of the skin irritation. Some of these products are also unregulated and can contain ingredients that worsen your pet’s skin issues. Before giving your pet any treatment, please book an appointment with our veterinary team so we can advise you at 604-464-6666.

How should I take care of my pet’s skin?

Hygiene is an important component of taking care of your pet’s skin. This includes regular professional grooming, at-home care and inspecting your pet for any signs of skin conditions. It’s also important to ensure your pet is regularly taking a parasite preventive to protect them against fleas, ticks and other pests that can also cause skin health issues.

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